Dosages: How Do I Know How Much CBD Oil Do I take?

Dosages: How Do I Know How Much CBD Oil Do I take?

Dosages: How Do I Know How Much CBD Oil Do I take? 1500 1000 THE ILUMI LIFE™

The world is accepting and using CBD, or cannabidiol, more than ever, yet it is still just the beginning. And due to the early stage of this trend and the laws and regulations surrounding it, scientists and doctors are only just starting to figure out dosing schedules for CBD. Even in states or areas where marijuana or medical marijuana is legal, doctors aren’t quite comfortable prescribing even the extracts of marijuana, like CBD. 

The problem is, doctors cannot actually prescribe cannabinoids, they are only able to provide a recommendation. Further, there’s not a universally accepted standard of dosing. To make matters even more difficult, there are no courses or classes aspiring doctors or pharmacists can take to educate themselves on the subject. For that reason, what is discussed in this article is certainly not a medical recommendation, rather just a guide for where to start and what to consider. This article should never be referred to as official medical advice or recommendation. 

Different Doses for Different Folks 

If only there were an equation or chemically proven method of determining the perfect dose…but unfortunately there is not. The reason for that is because everyone is different – we all have different weights, heights, body mass indexes, ages, diets, surrounding environments, genetics, and much more. Estimation is just about as good as it gets here, so let’s dig in.

WebMD cites that the recommended dosage when starting out as an adult taking CBD orally is 2.5mg twice a day. Always start small when introducing new substances to the body, as you may find out that the smaller dose works well for you. CBD tends to be a cumulative substance so taking it once or twice will not likely have a noticeable impact, so it’s important that you take CBD dosing is consistent for 4 weeks for best results. If there has been no noticeable impact, work your way up from 2.5mg twice a day to 5mg twice a day for 4 weeks and see what those impacts may look like. The max recommendation is 10mg twice per day, taken over an extended period of time. It’s also important to consider the reason that you are using CBD in the first place. Conditions like MS, glaucoma, epilepsy, and sleeping disorders are vastly different conditions so CBD dosing may be used in conjunction with other drugs. Consult a doctor to ensure that combining CBD with current drugs is okay. 

CBD Dosing and Effects Over Time

While ingestibles and topicals are the most common uses of CBD, transdermal patches are known to have the longest lasting impacts at 1-2 days. Ingestibles like edibles can last up to 6 hours, while tinctures can last up to 4. Topicals, like lotions, salves, and balms, typically last upwards of 5 hours. 

Lastly, smokables like vapes tend to only have effects that last up to an hour. 

Choose a CBD Brand you Can Trust

It’s important that when you’re evaluating CBD vendors and brands, that you pay close attention to the ingredients and the milligrams/amount so that you avoid taking too much, too little, or ingesting another ingredient that doesn’t agree with your body. 

As this industry grows, more and more brands are entering the market with goals that are less than admirable – for example, companies just looking for a buck. Find a company that is genuinely invested in increasing the health and well being of its customers, like Ilumi. Look for a brand that has the data to back up what is in their products. Always try and find CBD products that have a QR code so that you can see what is in the product specifically, and whether or not the brand is certified. Ilumi is fully certified and has easy-to-scan QR codes on all of its products. Ilumi exists to create the a radiant body and mind for anyone who uses its products. They care about the health and wellbeing of each and every user and they’re always available to help answer any questions you may have. 

Reach out to Ilumi today! 

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